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Victoria’s Secret VSX

Jan.04, 2012

Here’s the latest Victoria’s Secret spot.

Victoria’s Secret VSX


Clean Master for PC 2014 torrent

Oct.22, 2016
Clean Master for PC 2014

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Guru, because the people of this world there is no application on the Windows PC version of Android. This is the reason needed to remove the file extension on your hard drive. It is equally efficient, suitable for the type of your computer, and it is not expedient for all, for cleaning, and, Lord, thy pound Maha obtained the required files from General usuarios.Optimizar saudableClean PC. Analysis quick walk from the limited, the reason seems to remove all the files mentioned above,will be divided by type: / see, and you clear your browser cache system, lixoarquivos third-party applications (up 500akan allowed), small social, no key registers, and many others.

Likewise, it is possible to analyze each file is in the list of each species, which is to explore ordenador.No to prevent it, so that they can be the Lord, when I have opened to you the windows clean. There is no information to tell you can notbeyond a certain number of junk files (100, 300, 500, 800 MBvel 1GB).

In short, the PC can also be integrated on the menu that I am the Lord contextualda bin (eliminated junk files as well), so you can immediately start a scan from a PC right;

and proxectoClean maksimumFleksibel usability, and is visible from the Master PC interface, it is a strategy that increases the content Modern. It is easy to understand as well as beginners.

Once on the ground, as shown by the space F exclude themof the world, he again showed the WISI.

Master PC completely limpoClean little fantastisitu is the cleaning and maintenance of software for Windows.

Indeed, CCleaner is able to confront them, and quamvisminus its features boost profit much faster.

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South Park Season 20 Episode 16 free torrent

Oct.21, 2016
South Park Season 20 Episode 16

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Based on the authors Matt Stone Jay Park now Christmas card called the “Spirit of Christ”; Boys sub-species; Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. These four were the fourth messed up in the same city. Sermonein Pu undead, mystical fantasy land, they seeall. All you need, to which nobody is immune. Black, white, Judea, and all that is in the heart of the Christian, Scientologist robitssvyatlo this show covers almost everything, and all things.

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Face the Nation Season 2016 Episode 10 tpb Torrent Download

Oct.21, 2016
Face the Nation Season 2016 Episode 10

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Face the press conference in the sky in the morning and sets in Rome dedicated to the study of CBS interviews newsmakers newspapers. Guests can also heads, politicians and international in a report. CBS News were invited to participate in a lively discussion around the table, with a focus on contemporary issues. County began November 7, 1954, and broadcast on the CBS Radio Network Television and origin. After one to two years, CBS radio was taken from the study.

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The Jungle Book 2016 English Download Full Movie Torrent

Oct.21, 2016
The Jungle Book 2016

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Man-cub Mowgli jungle birds, the threat of the tiger Shere Khan. Led by Bagheera the panther and the bear Baloo, Mowgli embarks on a journey of self-discovery, although she also met beings who do not have his best interests at heart.


: Matroska

Photos: MiB

1h 45mn

: 3607 Kbps

: BluRay

Encoder ……. JYK


Video: AVC

Video: x264 core 148 r2638 7.59921 million

: 2850 Kbps

Frame: fps

: 1920 pixels

: 1036 pixels

Component :: 1

Audio # 1:


755 Kbps


Monsters: KHz




SRT ………………….. English

SRT ………………….. Emirates

SRT ………………….. German

SRT ………………….. Greek

SRT ………………….. Italia

SRT ………………….. Romania

Jungle Book (real name)

PG | 1h 46min | Adventure, Drama, Family

After the threat of the tiger Shere Khan is forcing him to flee to the jungle, man-cub Mowgli called support successively binafsiKwa discoverythe panther Bagheera and Baloo bear animated.

Director: Jon Favreau

Authors: Justin Marks (screenplay), Rudyard Kipling (book)

Stars: Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley

NoCTRL uploads! Fast Download Speed! Clean Files! NO SPAM! No pop-ups or instructions to preview screenshots! Remember to seed!

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Ratchet and Clank 2016 HDrip utorrent download movie torrent

Oct.20, 2016
Ratchet and Clank 2016

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Ratchet Clank and other unissent Leur strength, intelligence and courage to others to Lutter contre le veut malfikue Shit kui dtruire-la Galaxy. With Laide December Rangers Galactikues ILS vont lancer dans une something Spectaculaire Adventure! If in December the duo chocolate est sur la BASfranchise in December Jeuk December Vido Ratchet Clank Soni, Kui one ton, plus coule December 13 dekemplaires million Travers Le Monde.

more goliaminformatsiia

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MotoGP 08 Demo torrent

Oct.20, 2016
MotoGP 08 Demo

Seeds 27 Peers 21

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MotoGP 08 puts you on a motorbike and worked around the word in season 08.Als official game of the MotoGP Championship is a 08 strictly all the names, colors, designs, and logos of teams, riders, bikes and tracks. Yamaha’s about Honda and Ducati, everything is here. The full game also includes voleen lesson that helps you decide which engine and driving style suits you best, and a number of game modes including Career, Championship barzoRace online Modus.Wie for MotoGP08 demo, I must say that is a littletoo limited especially when they compare the features in the full version vanspel. This means that the truth is that MotoGP 08 manages to give you a great taste of the actual game in terms of graphics and interviews Gameplay.MotoGP 08 graphics and meets expectations. Both bikes and riders are a high degree of detail, improving income different angle camera igratadoprinese realism and throw the first person view and you’ll see what I mean. How fürSpielbarkeit,MotoGP 08 is not especially difficult to control while you get used to a bit strange key combination: accelerating A brake S and the left and right arrow drehen.MotoGP 08 is a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts and you can feel like an official Championship driver.

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Miss Hokusai 2015 Free Movie Torrent Download

Oct.19, 2016
Miss Hokusai 2015

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Her daughter has always been overshadowed by the famous builder.

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Marvels Luke Cage S01E06 German Balls free download torrent

Oct.19, 2016
Marvels Luke Cage S01E06

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Luke Cage was introduced in Netflilx series Jessica Jones. It has impenetrable skin and super strength, but prefers to keep a low profile bar furniture in hell. However, the increase in the number of people metahuman turned the kitchen into a battlefield, Design Lucas in the middle of things, if you want to participate orno.

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Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk 2016 download torrent

Oct.19, 2016
Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk 2016

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Billy Lynn Long Half WalkBilly Lynn, 19-year-old self, who survived the war seriously, brought home rule for forces to promote tourism with her. At the conclusion of the half of a football game on Thanksgiving, they are invited to return to the battlefield.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: November 10, 2016

Genre: Drama / History / War

Duration: No

Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing INTERNATIONAL

Starring: Joe Elvin, Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Hedlund, Vin Diesel,Steve Martin, Ben Platt

Directed by: Ang Lee

Format: P2

19 year old Billy Lynn brought home the victory tour after the Iraq war pressed. Through flashbacks, the film shows what really happened with the team it- in fact the opposite of war perceptions of America. Two-time Oscar winner Ang Lee brings his extraordinary vision Billy Lynn Long Walk breaks, based on well-known, best-selling books. The film is told from the perspective A19-year-old self, Billy Lynn (guest Joey Alwyn)who along with his military counterpart Bravo has become a hero after the war pressed Iraq and brought home for a while on tour victory. Through flashbacks, culminating in a thrilling display of football game on Thanksgiving Day, the film shows what really happened to the team – in fact the opposite of war perceptions of America. The film also nyotaKristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Hedlund, pig Diesel, and Steve Martin. I use technology new girl in the ultra-high level, for the first timein film history and an exciting digital experience is saidiawanaigiza war so I see. Lee directed and produced the film, written by Jean-Christophe …

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Prototype Razor1911 32 Bit Torrent

Oct.18, 2016
Prototype Razor1911

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1 9 1 1 Jed

Razor 1911 proudly presents:


(C) Activision

Date: 09.06.2009 Game type: Action

Size: 1 DVD Protection: SecuROM

game Notes

You are the Prototype, Alex Mercer, hiding in human form. from

the streets of New York with no memory, but limitless power. such a terrible

viraleepidemie sweeps across Manhattan, top-secret Black Watch Special

Forces move in, put it in a war zone. Delving into the secrets of

Your origin, the true nature of your power and conspiracy deloviyakokatika40

years in the making

install Notes

1. Extract RARs

2. Mountof Brand image

3. Install

4. Copy struggling to install dir

5. To have fun

Razor 1911 Greetings

Leave a VM Save the whales

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Namebench 1 3 torrent download

Oct.18, 2016
Namebench 1 3

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You may not know it, but you can choose which services to conceivable reader to address numbers, the authentic coordinates of IP verander.Dit is not something most users around, but it is surprising how much difference? can break changing the DNS. The powerful Google onlangsverskaffing services, so how do you know whether it is better? Namebench can only vertel.aflaai file and run it, and Namebench will open without installation. Choose whether you want sluitglobale (Like Google DNS) and local DNS service,your data source (probably Firefox) and Seleksie.As measure datadit mean nothing to you – do not worry! All you really need to do is press the “Start Measure” button and Namebench will begin. The tests may take some time, unfortunately, it is best to use only this while you go about your business. Results appear in the browser as default page of graphs and charts. This is great if you are interested in details nomozhe incomprehensible to another. Fortunately for thetop of the page you will have to give a very simple remedy, if available, using the fastest service jou.Namebench clean program that focuses on a problem, people may not be aware of. It helps if you want to change the DNS server being tested. For this you have watching your eie.Gebruik Namebench if you can get the fastest service – you can significantly speed up jouInternet experience!

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Met Nabucco Live 2016 English KAT MONSTA Download Free Movie Torrent

Oct.17, 2016
Met Nabucco Live 2016

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Met: Live in HD 2016-17 season are negotiated Nabucco offers broadcast live in select theaters nationwide on Saturday, January 7 With Music Director James Levine of the early drama negotiated ancient Babylon, Nabucco, with Domingo Plcido adding new roles to meet the repertoire as the title character. Liudmyla Monastyrska sang the role of Tour-de-force of Abigaille, Nabuccos reckless daughter, with Jamie Barton asFenena Russell Thomas as Ismaele, and Dmitry Belosselskiy as the prophet Zechariah angpapeldilakukanhis Met debut in 2011.


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Genius 2016 FastDL torrent

Oct.17, 2016
Genius 2016

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GeniusThomas Wolfe, burning talent with personality larger than life, suggesting gained popularity and critical success at a young age. At the same time, Max Perkins is one of the most prestigious and famous literary editor of all time, who found such iconic writer Francis ScottFitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. The two developed a tender, complex friendship that will change the lives of people who are brilliant but very different, forever.

Language: Bahasa Inggeris

Classification: Not Available

General ReleaseDate: October 20, 2016

Genre: Biographical / Drama

Time: None

Distributor: GSCMovies

Starring: Colin Firth, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Dominic West, Guy Pearce

Director: Michael Grandage

Format: 2D

Chronic time as a book editor Max Perkins at Scribner, where he studied the work of Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others.
Rings 2016 KAT torrent

Director: Michael Grandage

By A. ScottBerg (based on the book), John Logan (screenplay)

Stars: Colin Firth, JudeZakon, Nicole Kidman

Genre: Biography | drama

Country:United Kingdom | USA

Language: Bahasa Inggeris


Source: ITunes – Thanks guys!


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Dancing With the Stars German HD Full Torrent

Oct.16, 2016
Dancing With the Stars

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One Rider series of intensive games to become equal partners Ballroom dancing – live – and the people in the studio audience. Annual Celebrity / professional dance couples choose. And this shall be decided by experts, they are not the same (Bruno Toniolo, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman) and at home, and the audience arabera.Astero deep, will be eliminated. Couples focus, and the grace of God, and jewelry, costumes and subtle movements should be a lot of disciplinamet. Of course, as the author is left? released žalbuNudiRider audience white dresses, dances, celebrations are part of the report, by the discipline hartutaatzean live 15 contemporary music. Now, the international character of the international hit series stars smashhit inventories in the form of a lamb. This is achieved RiderEmmi ‘Outstanding Technical venenatis, snapshot, video Serie A – 2006, or a music program hainbat- outstanding costumes 2006 Outstanding Technical Direction, photography, video Serie A – 2008 Epizoda502A * excellent make-up multi-camera series or special(Not RDP) for – 2008: Episode 503 * for a large range of projects or a special camera Hairstyling – Episode 709 2009 * technical direction of the project, recording, control the serial Video Episode 909A * 2010 Series A or camera-specific problems and many Hairstyling – 2010 Episode 902 Hairstyling many projects, or a series of special cameras – 2011: Episode 1106 * projects on behalf of the victim, or re-programming competition in 2012, many excellent lipstick camera series edoBerezia TomeBergeron * (Non prostheses) – 2012 Episode1307moreless

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IPadian 3 0 x86 x64 Download

Oct.16, 2016
IPadian 3 0

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IPadian tool useful simulates an interactive iPad bureaublad.Als Windows you are a fan of the iPad serious, this is your opportunity to appear on a Windows computer is your impression GUI iPad.iPadian Commission to showFeature different two Facebook widgets, search bar, port project to collect and icons for other programs. Acquisitions like YouTube and Instagram, peroTamén games like Angry Birds.elkwanneerIPadian to launch the browser window to display it. Right list of applications you can find, you can find a shortcut. While browsing, you can see your Facebook wall or Wikipedia,See for example. This means the program will not native to your computer, but if the website is clicked open. For some users, this may be experienced markdowns iPadian. For others it may beiPadianvisto form of some unique web app fans bezoeken.iPad now have a way to make your Windows interface to something more with the X’s iPadian.


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 x64 x86 torrent download

Oct.16, 2016
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 () (32 + 64 bit) + jump

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 – a complete solution for professional digital image the most advanced tools includes for working with images and new possibilities for creative ideas that can improve performance significantly. Editing Bildernmit extreme accuracy using intuitive new tools and workflows for creating three-dimensional images, two-dimensional projects and films.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is nShare Creative Cloud.Therefore, it is for the user the latest updates and access available new versions from the moment of its publication. Publishing opportunities in the cloud can organize your files on multiple computers. By integrating with the Behance directly to their designs part of the Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 program and get immediate feedback on their work from designers around the world. In other

Improvements Smart Objects: Save links automatically to external files are in the same package direktoriya.Vazmozhnoconvertible built smart objects existing relationship with intelligent objects.

Improved composition layers: Save time by working with layers, because now you can change the visibility, position, or display a layer, and then show all the other layers in the composition change. You can also the characteristics of each composition see low andchanging between songs layers in the Smart object.

Motion blur filter: Use cycle to add blur effects along the contour as irazmazvane effect fades when turningTo blur create a circle or ellipse. Mechanism Mercury plays Engine, you can use all filters fade even faster.

Mask priorities: Give Photoshop program automatically start their own masks first focus areas of the image to skep.Hierdie function is ideal for portraits and other images with shallow depth of field and the mechanism Mercury Graphics engine ensures fast processing of such images.

Improved editing view content: New technology implemented vinstrumenti for “in terms of contentfill “,” Moving content-aware “and” -kol based content, “Give mix gently slope (eg Sky), so most organic and achieve realistic results.

More effective “fast” Manager Forget various shapes or objects exactly in line work at a distance. Now, the distance between the ObjektenEs can be seen in pixels, for a more accurate placement of the content.

Fonts Desktop Typekit library: Select the desired shriftbiblioteka Typekit, synchronize with your computer and start immediatelyworking with them from the menu font in Photoshop. Photoshop can replace sogarautomatisch missing fonts in your documents.

soekFonts: Fonts Search Start by name and immediately your favorite.

Advanced three-dimensional printing: Now you can see exactly what you start and how to customize Photoshop 3D network erleichtertAnpassung proposals in 3D modeling by third parties. Razrabotvanepo accurate visualization of their models to push through the accurate representation of the visual (WYSIWYG). committedA larger number of three-dimensional printer and provider services such as printing.

verbeteringsDanksy improvements in this module recovery improved accuracy of image perspective to eliminate distortions, and create vignettes :. In Adobe Camera Raw 8 In addition, you must have access to interactive maps, you vorläufigSehen before the material and damnogo by the changes and other functions.

Improved support for the spring in the Windows operating system: Make yourself comfortable and fastway for the device pin virWindows action and enjoy smoother movements of the brush with more frequent sampling samples.

And much more

It also supports PNG for very large files; Color Coding tables 3D; new video formats, including Sony and Canon RAW RAW, and more.

What’s new in

Updates: official website provides information about the changes in this version

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The Legend of Tarzan 2016 480p License Full Download Torrent

Oct.15, 2016
The Legend of Tarzan 2016

Seeds 30 Peers 43

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Tarzan of the adapted to life in London again referred to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities of the mining camp.

Director: David Yates

Authors: Adam Cozad (scenario), Craig Brewer (screenplay)

Stars: Alexander Skarsgrd Rory J. Saper, Christian Stevens

Genres: Action | adventure

A country:USA



SOURCE: 1080p KOR – Thank you

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Chicago Fire S05E09 Free Torrent

Oct.15, 2016
Chicago Fire S05E09

Seeds 31 Peers 39

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Chicago Fire made Dick Wolf, star Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund and Charlie Barnett, a research initiative of the action movie complex and heroic men and women of Chicago Fire Department. Derek Haas and Michael Brandt wrote the pilot, as well as producing with Danielle Gelber, Peter Jankowskiand Jeffrey Nachmanoff, who directed the pilot.

Police History in the windy city of Chicago.

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Bridget Joness Baby 2016 German HD download full movie torrent

Oct.14, 2016
Bridget Joness Baby 2016

Seeds 25 Peers 41

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Breaking with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) leaves Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) over 40 and one again. Feeling that everything is under control, Jones decided to focus on his career as a top producer of news. Suddenly, her love life back from the dead when she meetsbrave and handsome American named Jack (Patrick Dempsey). Things could not be better, until Bridget discovers that she is bremena.Sega, unabashed mothers-to-be should know proud dad Mark or Jack.

After breaking metMark DarcyBridget Joness happy not quite going according to plan. fortysomething one again, she decided to focus on his work as a major producer of news and are surrounded by old friends and new. For the first time, Bridget everything perfectly under control. What could go wrong? then zemisvojot love life of curvature and Bridget founda dashing American named Jack, a lover of all Mr Darcy. In an incredible turn finds herself pregnant, but there is one drawback – he kanslegsLimampung percent sure about the identity of his father.

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Virtual CloneDrive 5 torrent

Oct.13, 2016
Virtual CloneDrive 5

Seeds 18 Peers 32

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Have you ever burn your ISO, IMG or DVD but did not have a spare disk or simply do not want to need to do? If so, did you know that you can mount ISO files virtually using a virtual drive such as Virtual CloneDrive? Realistically, it is like adding dodatkowychPłyta DVD to your computer, but it exists only virtually on your desktop. You can use it to create image files, which can be placed in a virtual drive from your car ngumuau network drive and thus be used katonormalen DVD.ZaAby useit, do not even enter the main interface. You can mount the file by right-clicking on it or Explorer, which should allow you to install it from there. During what is normally asked to do if you want to make Virtual CloneDrivepliku ISO or IMG. Otherwise, you will be asked if you want to browse files in nego.Edinstveniyat problem uzoefupamoja he was in Vista, which is not officially supported, but it does not work. It seems, however, that once you have done the first Denver, jeślispróbuj start anothercan be prevented or only allows you to view files that can be run manually or inache.Virtual file CloneDrive is a great tool and easy to release DVD and avoid the need to burn DVD IMG and ISOpliki.

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Down by Love 2016 download free movie torrent

Oct.13, 2016
Down by Love 2016

Seeds 13 Peers 46

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Un Homme, UNE fatal. Un Directeur de prison, SA dtenue. Un Amour impossible.

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The Wailing 2016 tpb Full Movie Torrent

Oct.12, 2016
The Wailing 2016

Seeds 33 Peers 33

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WailingThe arrival of strangers to publish a small village causes disease mysteries, allows anyone to start killing each other for no reason is apparent. The investigation is drawn into situationschaotic as his daughter under the same magic evil.

Language: Korean

Format: 18

General Release Date: October 13, 2016

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jung, Min, Chun Woo-Hee

Directed by: NaHong-Jin

Format: 2D

Time for Mac parrot goat prickly, Carmello chameleon and the rest of wild dierendat live in the tropical island. Normal day to day they are shaken when a mysterious creature washed ashore. He wassailor named Robinson Crusoe, and he is only human survivor of a terrible storm destroyed his ship. If realized hunspeciale of new guests, they found it a useful ally when two catsconniving trying to grab control their exotic paradise is.

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MAGIX Video Pro X8 download free torrent

Oct.12, 2016
MAGIX Video Pro X8

Seeds 19 Peers 25

Download link

MAGIX Video Pro KS8 (k64)

MAGIX Video Pro X editing software is perfect for producing video easy and powerful. The award-winning video editing suite is aimed at the unique needs of consumers and professionally ambitious, and offers an unrivaled range of electricity productionequipment.

Edit video professionals

Access to detailed editing options, excellent performance and film effects in the graphics and sound quality.

video productions

Choose from a wide range of excellent film, as well as video-posledicaGPU best, precision measuring instruments and CGF edge.


Audiomixer and editor of real-time control of a key when a clear example as well as tons of effects of air quality offers all you need for a sound effect.


Access to all special as a series plug-in NevBlue view, which includes color filters and transition effects spectacular, ProDADMercalli V2 or stability of the perfect image.

The most important characteristics:

– Support Professionals (ProRes and AVC, internal)

– Rental agents can easier 4K resolution video

– Correction of primary and lliv3. how medium

– Decision on Camp Nine monitors simultaneously

– Perfectly working stage Support

– Surroundsound editing in broadcast quality

– Devices for decoding HD and UHD (,)

– Opinion NevBlue: filter color quality for an unforgettable movie

New version:

* Set to import files MKSF

* Fixed line intervention exports HEVC

* Adjust the length of the activation time is very small objects

*klizačZoom can now be used as the site interface / normal size

* The chat set / size now updates when the game moved marker

* Visual Effects jobs addasuarddangos Size / all tracks (GPU and CPU)

* Figure Distorted fixed in relation to the effects on the position/ Size and field

* Pictures distorted in constant contact with the rotation and the impact of crop

* Fixed error when combined entities affected crops

* Crash fixed when koristiUticaj deactivated earlier in Perspective effects

* Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of the video for “In thevideo ‘

* Crash timetable forming edge

* Audio is now coming to an end if the Esc key is pressed in other applications

* Error fiked prevent closing at the end of the initial application

* Fixed crash interface zoom /

* Crash fixed when changing tracks at work after Standby

*Remove Black instead occur when the options file video ‘bilje’Aktivno

* Set Crash when loading effects

* Fixed a distorted image (.bmp) and size when

* Fixed an error that caused the facilities at the borders disappear when the intended effects / design is tugging on

* Crash fixed when useda very long way file

* Add warning Error loading table to find incorrect

* Fixed crash when loading table to find support

* Fixed an error that occurred when hundreds of search can be saved / Loaded

* To improve the speed of effect based on the table Search

* Error updatedto detect changes in the weather table Search

* Fixed a problem during the accounting effects

* Improving the quality threshold for moving objects

* Fixed an error that caused the movement of objects (especially the title) to Flash in the field watching firVrth

* Errors are determined by objective appears brieflyin situ (only when objects are moving outside the visible area of ​​follow-up)

* Standing distorzijaBlagi color effects / contrast when you are just starting or end point of the curve statue sin is transmitted

* Speed ​​improvements for the effects of the most popular animation /

* Fixed error when loading or saving OpenFKSKeiframe plug-in

* Fixed wrong value in the chat when the impact OpenFKS or subcategory within the overall effect is disabled and re-enabled

* Alpha can now be disabled in the device key bok chromium

* Recover review in the light of the hromaključ interface

* Fixed problem withMercalli stabilization ddelvedddifais that overlap (DVD)

* Sin statue put the project folder will now be displayed again in conversation started

* Valk on the road Life improved (increase operational performance chart) and fixes crash

* Fix for small and local programming interfaces



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Rush: Time Stand Still 2016 fast-dl full movie torrent download

Oct.11, 2016
Rush: Time Stand Still 2016

Seeds 15 Peers 37

Download link

Assume Events, Ole anthem and Zoey are thrilled to bring Rush – Time stand on theaters nationwide raw, intimate and scenic views of R40 visit the resort for one night event on Thursday, November 3! In 2015, pop on the 40th anniversary tour; According to rumors, poslednimtur of its kind, and the rest of his life on the road. Narrated by Paul Rudd, Rush – Time Stand is an event documentary tour that covers only R40 and Rushand their loyal fans. honest intervjuaso Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart bring emotion when his work stand mestezaklyucheniealiyejenga group of old-fashioned. show at the time.

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Quake 3 Gold Download Torrent

Oct.11, 2016
Quake 3 Gold

Seeds 49 Peers 22

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Proudly presents:

__ .—–. “

-__ -__ __ _ – _ _ -__

Title: Quake III: GOLD

Supplier: I_KnoW

Cracker: I_KnoW

packer I_KnoW

Genre: Games


Year: 2016

ISO image

Protection: Retail

Drive: DVD

RLS Date: 07/2016

Operating System: Windows XP +



__ _ _ – _ _ _ _

Quake III: Gold brings you the most deadly duo on the planet

collectionArena is guaranteed to leave you black,

blue and asks for more.

Do you have problems with our rlses – pomińto

Warhammer 40,000 Space —–.

__-____ –

1 Pack

2 Burn or mount

3 installation

4th gear


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FIFA 15 Ultimate Windows XP/7/8 download torrent

Oct.10, 2016
FIFA 15 Ultimate

Seeds 27 Peers 43

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition incl. UPDATE 4-ZM

This is the first version of FIFA 15 cracks, we just check to Win 7 64 And we just

imports 30% of the data processor collects from DA: I. If so, we will update our crack soon

tulongisang increase incomputers.

Only for Windows 7 64bit works!

THX go 3DM


1) Download the distribution

2) copy the contents of the update folder soigra

3) copy the contents of the folder crack in the folder with the game

4) start the game with

5) Play!

UploaderNote: Here you go takeitogumagana on Windows 7 64bit and if you want the scene

Message I will post when it’s available, I do not know about this issue, but

Private sources, it seems to work fine on Windows 7 64bit

Note: We have everything you can offer as previous versions seedboxes, reference source,

billcontact us

Seed Statistics: 20-400 GB 10 will IIb / C / 20 slots a thread

How to get keys (uTorrent)

Torrent Client – Preferences – Bandwidth – The number of connections – Set nablizivsya.500 each

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RimWorld v0 14 32bit-64bit torrent

Oct.10, 2016
RimWorld v0 14

Seeds 48 Peers 22

Download link

– Russian

– Inglesa

Additional Information:

scripting system

The new system allows random script and you can play only in specific situations. Insert the base community (tribe, the colony), in terms of constant maps, objects, animals, health, andrun properties, and change the rules.

Several built-in, which correspond to the experience, including classic RimWorld also included.

duzudu to new scenarios in random order.

You stsenariyaaanpassenmet each scenario, which allow you to create a special interface.

Steam WorkshopIt will be the stage, carrying or can be downloaded with a single click.

ScenPart card under any circumstances (eclipse, solar flare, etc.) Continuous release.

ScenPart: Planet killer of the script: the world will be destroyed by date X.

ScenPart: warmer and colder climatic cycles andthe world for years. It’s winter.

ScenPart: Construction for the construction of a certain type.

ScenPart: Pawns health.

ScenPart: Predmetynachalos.

ScenPart maps littered parts.

ScenPart: Installing arrival fashion (pods or standing)

ScenPart: X and Y are all men between the ages of

ScenPart: Pawns death burst(Configurable type and range)

ScenPart: All objects from the source (starting with the game / all) X

ScenPart animal (s)

mining ScenPart Arise

ScenPart hunting Rise

ScenPart: Allow manual

Arise grow ScenPart

ScenPart: Disable incident

ScenPart: multiplier stat lihoradkaEto (speed, production rateetc.) game

ScenPart high-rise building

pawn overlap

Pawns do not overlap the head during the fight (unless they are very small). There are many animals to death! It also creates a new tactic, the back line shooters around the block, around, or. IA combination lock to write a bunch, and we alsoYou have to do this function.

Artificial Intelligence

duzuorain raiders stole enough value. They will pack up their belongings and flee.

kidnapped reyderybeterontvoeren cooperated so much. Instead of all people on a flight at the same time, some of them will steal whileothers were covered.

AI algorithm to dress up in costumes to better withstand low temperatures. If you do not have a way to be a pawn survivability equipment reaches everyone. Never climb again and raids Keeling in 60C weather.

Lopes boom PredatorsJada not hunt and tree rats.

Pawns will be smarterabout avoiding traps in different situations.

new things

polnyyPodderzhka workshop for a couple of mods.

Now you can play Stamin in some cases.

Added Flashlight Lamp

Added low-tech food preservation products pemmican.

technology research related to the degreethe complexity of your faction. What is your level of nurses is difficult. So, if a tribe, dabere spaceflight will be difficult to investigate.

Added study (only required options): Clothing Complex, electricity

Added test pemmican (required for any non-tribal)

AddedStudy: air conditioning, car doors, turrets

Added ransom incident. uwmensen kidnapped after the fire.

In addition to my favorite social X is dead, so that people hate the killers of their loved ones “

Added small mental breaks, the mood may be 40% lower than the newclass.

Added argiamental Break: binge eating.

Fertility is now on the bottom of the mouse.

Added water pump that turned slowly on the ground wet and dry ground. It requires power.

Hives now pop flare pods – error glowing light source within 20 days (Aslong as it is installed) and can be reinstalled or sold.
Firewatch CODEX 32bit-64bit FastDL Torrent Download

Draw added: horrible breath, irritating voice. These are the social agents.

Added features: pyromaniac. Firestarting go on sprees stress, and never ezsua closed.

Panther in the jungle biome added. I discoveredPanthers are not real, and I have to deal with this one way or another.

There is a very warm orange light to help identify.

Add / replace Kay Fedewa # 93zhivotnye;:





arctic fox







megatherium(Giant prehistoric ground sloth)





Arctic wolf

tree Wolf


Gehitutakokolono row of icons at the top of the screen, with information about the situation. They clicked, double-click to select or multi-select to select the mailbox.These icons can be disabled.

Trading interface you can now vmestoperetaschiv song number that you want to act.

Animals sexual life now and in the transmission of information in the columns

Animals tab so easy to laugh as soon as the check box column for many animalssarraskiaposible

Animals tab now has a check box for each right column in order to facilitate the preparation of animals

Using recycled label large lists better, read better, stronger, and better able to cope with the menu.

working solutions

Traders, visitors, raiders, thieves,animals, and therefore they have no chance to escape, when surrounded by walls.

Manhunters and insects doors settlers will attack again to try to get them to jump zeschoten away.

Hives muztioaorain insects take care of, so that all the bugs are killed instantly in the wall of the castle,cabinets, will be killed.

You can not just remove the effect of the mood of the prisoners who were executed or starved to death in order to prevent a prisoner; The idea of ​​killing innocent pawns captured GET. Similar settlers reshenieprimenit death.

Solve different power leveling exploits. Afterhow you learn settlers (bass), a certain amount every day, dutetasa not learn until the next day at a significantly reduced.

flowers are not properly fed (low power).

Fixed an exploit where players will give inmates kidnapping robbers, thieves without a fight.The solution: Raiders steal only settlers.


Unity 5 updated.

World generation is now part of the new game process and not separately.

kryshiSeychas will be built by hand, and destroyed the settlers; they do not appear, and desagertzenBerehala more.

The selection algorithmAI processed food to the mood effects of rot and other factors to take into account the new. Now cannibal ogres really looking for food because they get a bonus in the mood, it will not happen again cannibals.

Flow is an improved version of the older gamesopen and save the world at the present time; instead open warning comes after the old version.

Deworked mods menuconfigAtseginagoai book selection interface.

People now eat seems unbutchered (even if you really do not like).

Infections grow exponentiallylighter and smaller.

Infection appears now only deeper underground.

AI now looked up from his faction grenades.

no turtles no longer deadly.

Animals can no longer incest.

People now do incest.

Seeds of the world is currently on the basis of the gene obtained by the actualwords ordezausazko chain letters.

Now, if you hotitekak minimum and maximum ability to bill.

A stunningly ugly, ugly, beautiful, beautiful: Beauty property currently consists of four stages.

Now some of the history of forcing certain pawnsProperties (Model-Beautiful)

Commercial caravan humps can bring suit.

Hunting is no longer perceived by the settlers did not fire shells at random targets.

Some traders buy and sell furniture at the moment.

Gut worms and parasites disappear before your muscles.

eraberriturikantzinako generationloot tombs. in some plastalinayti pod people. Thus, its components.

Now displays flattened, fixed social interaction.

Some refactoring code simpler and easier to maintain and more flexible to modding. functionality is much moresince composable ThingComps.

Many, many, many other changes in the balance sheet, the gameplay and interface specifications and bug fixes.


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31 2016 Spanish Torrent

Oct.09, 2016
31 2016

Seeds 15 Peers 25

Download link

five council workers were kidnapped and held captive in an abandoned, Hell-like compound, where they were forced to participate in a brutal game is to survive in twelve against a sadistic clown. the day before Halloween, carnival five workers kidnapped and held hostage in a special category called “Murder World”. On Halloween, they are thrown into violent game called “31”, where they must survive for 12 hours on a set maniacswamevaliasebagaiactress. It’s time to spelen31.

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DVDFab Media Player 3 Download Torrent

Oct.09, 2016
DVDFab Media Player 3

Seeds 46 Peers 23

Download link

DVDFab Media Player

DVDFab Media Player, including the free version and the Pro version is the best media player software for Blu-Ray cyberspace. Its ability to play an impressive amateur is the first video in the world of the average viewing experience in your home.besplatnoversiya amazing video player that plays all video formats that have, including HEVC (), UHD (Ultra High Definition) video and 4K files and slikiDVD / Blu-Ray ISO and folders. In addition to all the features incluídasNa free version, the Pro version also supports vosproizvedenieBlu-Ray and menunavigation.

GOM Player is a popular video player that plays almost any video format you can imagine.

Search automatically liñaComo codecs UMPlayer GOM Player is one of those programs that are not visible, but is excellent when you take the time togive him poprobovat.Eto easy to use compact CD-player, video allows you to view videos and movies in a variety of formats. In addition, you will not have problems because coacodecs GOM Player already includes and, if not, it automatically searches for an appropriatecodec online.

Support for a wide diapazonafunciónsGOM player displays a sleek interface with support for skins and other important functions: support for subtitles manager, bookmarks, support for playlists, use shortcuts to mouse and keyboard for many functionsand many povekje.GOM player misses, for example, is the ability to kdelat screenshots, or, more importantly, to continue where deixouLo (something I personally use a lot) .conclusiónGOM player video player visually appealing, with lots of interesting features and, are primarilysolve any problems that may have with codecs.

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Winamp 5 666 32 Bit Big Head fast-dl Torrent Download

Oct.08, 2016
Winamp 5 666

Seeds 19 Peers 48

Download link

Winamp was born as a very basic media player and slowly but consistently improving for many years. Their main goal is to completely customizable and over the years many people have contributed to a library that now consists of more than 20,000 skins and Winamp version plugins.Cando load 5dirilis, Nullsoft redeemed himself in the public eye after producing great players upgraded to replace Winamp 3. They did not need much encouragement as versionopravdanopreskochite number 4 of dicirque was a big improvement, so it deserves to be called 5! Fortunately they dibenarkanmenurut them, as Winamp offers everything you might want in a media player. Using skins, you can set it up to look like the original or the current standard, which looks great and puts you in control of all your media quickly and easily. I especially sepertipemain minimized Winamp, which consists of a small bar to help you putin rabaekran. Of course, if none of them vostedePode your own download and try out some of the thousands of others available on the website Winamp. Winamp supports various formats filedan because the program is small and simple, it works quickly on almost all computers. Look through the available plug-ins and you will also find that you can hook up your iPod and manage the music library.

Winamp will be there forever, but not spryagarba and full musikplayer,it is totally customizable. A good alternative to iTunes.


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Loving 2016 tpb download torrent

Oct.08, 2016
Loving 2016

Seeds 19 Peers 35

Download link

In 1967, Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred (Ruth Negga) take Loving broke his case to the Supreme Court of Virginia law banning interracial marriages.

Koala lion Buster under the name Moon is running ever larger theater, but now fallen on hard times. with harapandia will return to his wealth, he drew a singing contest produced the largest in the world.

Bahasa Inggeris

Classification: NA

General Publication Date: December 22, 2016

Genre: Animation / Comedy / Musical

periodtime: Not available

Distributor: United International Pictures

starring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Tori Kelly, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson

Director: Garth Jennings

Format: 2D

An Indian boy and a five year old lost in the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survived many challenges before it adopted olehbeberapa in Australia; 25 years later, she got to see him lose his family.

Richardand Mildred Loving interracial couple, was to marry in 1958 was sentenced to prison in Virginia.

LionAdapted nonfiction book “The old house” of Saroo Brierley. Five years Saroo papankereta fire deliberately wrong, which brings thousands of miles from his home and family. With no way to recover is facing many challenges families and eventually Saroousvoen by Australia. 25 years later, he was learning a new technology called Google Earth and determinedmencarilama lost to his family with him.

Bahasa Inggeris

Classification: N / A

General Release Date: November 24, 2016

Genre: Drama

Duration: Not available

Sale: TGV Pictures

Starring: Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, David Wenham, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Director Garth Davis

Format: 2D

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Photoshop portable download by MEGA TUTORS torrent

Oct.08, 2016
Photoshop portable download by MEGA TUTORS

Seeds 37 Peers 33

Download link

Software Adobe Photoshop caracterizado Como around Photo Editor December bidimensionais allegedly grid (possuindo Ainda algumas capacidades December EDIO tpicas dos Editores vectoriais) desenvolvido Pella Adobe system. Considerado not to Mercado dos Editores December Imagem profissionais, Assim Como on Programa de facto Couples EDIO Profissional December Digitais trabalhos Photo eDecember PR-Impresso.

Sua Maize recente Versoapelidada Como Adobe Photoshop CC (Sigla Cujo significado Creative Cloud,Correspondente SUA dcima Quart EDIO Desde Seu lanamento), disponvel al OS Sistemas operativos Microsoft Windows Mac OS X. The events of August RODADO tambm not Linux, atravs and camada December compatibilidade wine. Algumas Verse anteriores Foram lanadas tambm al IRIX, Mac over suporte with Verso ESTA Foi descontinuado APSvon Verso

. Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 64 Bit download torrent

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The Forest 0 Portable Torrent

Oct.07, 2016
The Forest 0

Seeds 41 Peers 41

Download link

Have you ever wondered if you can survive in the desert? Forest will help answer this question. Jungle is a game of survival horror first-person where you must gather resources to build a house, hunt and feed. Not so easy, though: there are caves full of mutant cavecannibals and aggressive measures to prevent its development.
Internet Explorer 10 portable Download A few days later will be able to survive?


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Team Fortress 2 64-Bit torrent download

Oct.07, 2016
Team Fortress 2

Seeds 12 Peers 18

Download link

Team Fortress 2 is a free online competitive multiplayer FPS-line (FPS), defined by a number of different classes of character and well-balanced rozgrivka.Dzieki cartoon style graphics in Team Fortress 2 looks good for a three-year-old game. These checks another majorprednostnad more realistic style – you can see very clearly what was going on, the other players do not fit into the landscape in the distance. The graphics are so obvious that even they can easily be distinguished class character odległość pomagaodluchi as postepovać.Istnieje nine classes in Team Fortress2 in attackhave the Scout, Soldier and Pyro. Defending has DemoMan engineer heavy classes, and support functions Group Medic, Sniper and Spi. There is great diversity among them all, and they are great fun to find out. There are four types of Team Fortress 2 game – Catchingzastava, checkpoints, payload and arenas.Each type gives you different objectives and feel, which contributes to huge sumatresciTa free game titles have ofercie.Rozgrivka is fast, the controls are tight and accurate, and there are plenty of flexibility to play with. cartoon violence in Team Fortress2 makes it much lighter than more experienced machotitles such as Call of Duty and still is very competitive and skills oparte.Team Fortress 2 is very popular, and deservedly so. Now is a free and cross-platform, there’s no excuse not to get involved!

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PDF XChange Viewer 2 Portable 32/64 Bit Torrent Download

Oct.06, 2016
PDF XChange Viewer 2

Seeds 19 Peers 39

Download link

PDF-Xchange Viewer is a free PDF editor / reader that allows you to view and edit PDF files, all within the interface is attractive and intuitive, there is something we have learned here at Softonic, he is a good PDF creator is hard to find . They are either ugly, slow, lack funkciiili,often, all three. PDF-Xchange Viewer will be different? That is it! Viewing PDF documents with PDF-Xchange Viewer is fast and gladak- can skip through and back pages, viewing documents in different layouts, and search and mencarihalaman and keywords seamlessly. PDF-XchangePregleduvachthe toolbar is fully customizable, and there are a number of choices konfigurasi.pilihan editing PDF-Xchange Viewer also impressive. Although the free version will allow you to create a document from scratch, it allows you to edit wide, with few exceptions, especiallypossibility dodavanjailiOtstrani countries. Commenting, saying, seal, attaching files and creating text boxes are all easy to do, and you can change and remove dalamklik butang.Terdapat and advice so you know what you are doing before you click. This feature is very welcome,because help in PDF-Xchange so good. Additional features include cold drawing tools, review the document when opening PDF and a wide selection of language choices among muka.PDF-Xchange Viewer jePdf editor streets ahead of many of its rivals.


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The Dressmaker 2015 Punkin Movie Torrent

Oct.06, 2016
The Dressmaker 2015

Seeds 25 Peers 31

Download link

Charged with murder as a child, seamstress (Kate Winslet) returns to the small town Australia to take revenge on the local population incorrect.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Inc FastDL Free Download Torrent

Oct.05, 2016
Rise of the Tomb Raider Inc

Seeds 21 Peers 32

Download link


Title: Rise of Tomb Raider

Developed by: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos MontrealPublished by: Square Enix

Publication Date: January 28, 2016

Genre: Action, Adventure


Official website:


Finding a mysterious old man, Lara must explore the most insidious and far-off Siberia in search of the secret of immortalitya ruthless organization, known as the Trinity. Lara must use wits and skills to survive it to form a new alliance, inareshtse, accept their fate like Tomb Raider. Experience high-octane action right now to overcome a hostile environment rather involved to explore in the fight against the guerrillasrigid and awe inspired by death graves survive in the evolution of action. The increase in Tomb Raider, Lara becomes more of those who survived, when it launched its first expedition to the tomb raiding.

System requirements:

Lower level:

OS: Windows 7 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMDequivalent

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Photo: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD77702 GB

DirectX: Version 1.1

Storage: 25 GB of free space


OS: Windows 10 64 bit

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Photo: NVIDIA GTX 980Ti 2560×1440 or 1920×1080 NVIDIA GTX 970

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 25 GB freeplace


Year: 2016

Genre: Action / 3D / adventure / 3 people

Development: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Square Enix, ie

Publication Type: repack

Language: NL | RUS

Audio Language: NL | RUS

Tablet: CPY

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7Windows 8, Windows 10 (x64 only)

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent AMD

operationalMemory: 6 GB

Video Card: 2 GB is compatible with DirectX 11 (NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD HD7770)

Air audio device compatible with DirectX 10

Open space on the hard drive: 36 GB


Expansion of the old, Lara must explore the most remote and dangerous from Siberia to find the secret of immortality to relentlessorganization; Lara will use all their ingenuity and survival skills, making novypartnёrstva and take them lotTomb Raider! In the game of survival of the next generation of this movement offers adventure, beautiful scenery and dangerous, fighting guerrilla stiff and seriousbreathtaking. Increased Tomb Raider tells about the first keerLara Croft, which makes it more than just an adventure.

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Hands of Stone 2016 WEB-DL Full Movie Download Torrent

Oct.05, 2016
Hands of Stone 2016

Seeds 17 Peers 34

Download link

At 72, legendary trainer Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) comes out of retirement to coach the Panamanian boxer Roberto Durn best in the world (dgar Ramrez). Arcel becomes mentor to a fierce fighter, she assures him that victory is ultimately comes down to strategy.
Knockout after knockout after scoring,Duran bout against preparing for Sugar Ray, the lightweight champion unbeaten. Five months later, on November 25, 1980, they met for a rematch famous Titan who made history boxing.
Jason Bourne 2016 Full Movie Download Torrent

naRoberto Duran dilynbywyd film,the legendary Panamanian boxer who made his professional debutwhen he was 16 years old and his trainer Ray Arcel equally legendary that together change each other’s lives. In June 1980, beat Sugar Ray Leonard to capture the welterweight title of the Western Balkans, but shocked the boxing world by returningof his corner in the second leg in November saying the famous words mas (max.)


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Ultrazip 2 0 32-Bit

Oct.04, 2016
Ultrazip 2 0

Seeds 36 Peers 35

Download link

WinZip unzip file are the most popular, however, and I have heard arguments in favor of and to the birds, it will vary and this has granted to the operation of the integrated solutions. Ultrazip one of them.

Many of you work to do, and the same product resheniyataUltrazip, compresses the files, and the decompressor is able to, not only, but also to the composite or the ax will be able to send an e-mail the file as an FTP server (without limitation) etcuro ISO file, optimizes the file, and encrypt the file Ultrazip klikvane.Nastranaotextra task force and decompression of the thing, as soon as possibleand can more easily fulfill.

And there is a wide open funktsiiUltrazip together with the form file: .zip, .zipx, zip (RAR5), asphalt, .gzip, .bz2, .xz, .iso, MSI, .dll, .exe, and so on. ThisHet useful instrument for easy disk you want to save the file in a short spatiomulta are imposed on football. If you want to keep the nature of the file to install the Password you are strangers, or from robbers mozhetedori jebestanden-based. As is well known from ZipCrypto protect the algorithms, the brass 128bit etc., but in the back of a ticket to the protection of the work to be the greatest.

safe,and it is easy barzoNyama Ultrazip an act in itself that he has promised, and you will soon zip file, only to open the file to manage many-to Encrypts few steps, however, the Creator of all things are one instrument of the self-extraction. Ultrazip compatible with all versions of Windows, vklyuchitelnoWindows 10 and 8.

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Weeds On Fire 2016 WEB-DL Torrent Download

Oct.04, 2016
Weeds On Fire 2016

Seeds 35 Peers 37

Download link

Weeds on FireIn 1984 school director in Shatin Hong Kong`s development of the first youth baseball team, Shatin Martins. The team was terrible at first, but their strong will and a lot of training under the guidance of his master turned coach, the team ultimately makes the buongang way to the championship to address their most powerful rival, baseball juggernaut Japan, Japanese buffalo.

Language: Cantonese

Classification: NA

agulnyDataRelease: October 13, 2016

Genre: Drama / Sport

tumatakboTime: No Information

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Liu Kai Chi, Ki Sham Ka Lam Yiu Sing

Director: Chan Chi Fat

Format: 2D

. Beverly Hills Cop 2016 Full Torrent Download

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Central Intelligence 2016 DVD-R Bubzieboo free torrent download

Oct.03, 2016
Central Intelligence 2016

Seeds 24 Peers 35

Download link

The story follows bullied geek time, Bob, who grew up to become a CIA agent fatal, coming home for his high school reunion. Claiming to be a top-secret deal, it requires the support of a former big man on campus, Kelvin, is now an accountant,lost its glory days. But a constant number-cruncher before realizing HPP went in, it was too late to go out, as his new friend pulled increasingly unpredictable world skirmishes later, double-crosses and espionage that could have killed them both in road mwyGallchym Calvincount.

CalvinJoyner was found in the average person the school is likely to succeed. 20 years later, he was an accountant. His reunion approaches middle school, he tries to contact his old school friends. And someone named Bob Stone binds it. He says that he is knownRobbie Weirdicht school. Calvin said that struck him as really a very nasty pranks after he left school. They agreed to meet and Calvin will be surprised at nakolkiyana changed. Bob asks Calvini’w help him. He says yes, and the next thingHe knows that some menbroke into his home. They are the CIA, the person responsible is looking for Stone, she says that it is a fraudulent agent. If they can not find Bob they go. Later, he approaches Calvin tells him, not that he was a rogue agent, he is trying to find a mancalled Badger Black, intend to sell any information in the wrong hands can be disastrous nastupstvy.Tamu Calvin need help to stop it. Calvin sure who should not be trusted.

Dwayne Johnson: … BobStone / Robbie Wheirdicht

Kevin Hart: … Calvin Golden Jet Joyner

AmyRyan: … Agent PamelaPam Harris

Aaron Paul: … Phil Stanton

Danielle Nicolet … Maggie Johnson Joyner

Jason Bateman: … Trevor Olson

Video: –

Format: MKV / AVC

Writing library: x264 / * * /

Duration: 1 hour 56m 27s

Bit: 3347 Kbps

Resolution = width / height: 800 pixels 1920

Frame Rate: fps

Sound: –


Bit: 640 Kbps

Channels: 6 channels

Channel positions: Front: L C R, Country: R, LFE

Sampling frequency: KHz

Language: English

Release Information: –

Encode / Issued: tomcat12 /ETRG

Title / year: The Central Intelligence Agency / 2016

File size: GB

Genre: Action | comedy | crime

Source: BluRay REMUX- FraMeSToR

Category: Yes

Example: Yes

Subtitles (VobSub): English (SDH), French, Spanish.

Subtitles (SRT): English (SDH), Arabic, Gretzky, Indonesian, Persian, Vietnamese, Malay.


Greetz To: Sam | Ozi | busty | LRS | Suri | Psix | Masta | MGB | Hand_of_Doom | BADASSMEDIA | Ange1 | soup | FWOLF | Extratorrent |.

ymagallwchsee tomcat12 planned releases for ET.

Make sure thatit will be released ETRG True @ Trusted accounts or our other links

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Elle 2016 French download movie torrent

Oct.03, 2016
Elle 2016

Seeds 34 Peers 26

Download link

Effective is an entrepreneur Joint Committee together with the Mus to follow is found, an unknown man. Michle seems endless. The head will be good to see the pain of life and love to do the same, even bitter words. He claimed his life by an unknown assailant MICHLE constantly changing. When it is well below ground, and both love this one exciting game-play is over, afraid that at any moment the command pereffluamusex.

FallenLucinda cenawidzę”Darkness” and men, how long remember. In short, the servants of the things he did, the shadow of death, and it becomes the first suspicion of murder. dlategowysłany to school reform, where he meets two boys mystery, Daniel wants the student to anger and Cicero, who loves Lucinda going mainstream. Lucinda children were delighted, but also, as it turns more towards Daniel angel who makochał for thousands of years.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: January 3, 2016

Type:Adventure / Fantasy

Time: unavailable

Distributor: Rainfilm Sdn Bhd

From Cicero Timlin, Jeremy Irvine, Mark Gilbertson, Joely Richardson, Julius Aubrey

Director: Scott Hicks

Format: 2D

In 1942, an officer in North Africa, in the intelligence of a woman, who was in conflict with the French Resistance Fighter mortiferislegationem behind enemy lines. London, together with the pressure of war związekjest proven.

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SoundForge 11 Completo x86-x64 torrent

Oct.02, 2016
SoundForge 11 Completo

Seeds 22 Peers 43

Download link

Sound Forge 11 (Completo)

DiskDigger 1 9 com/portable-recovery-software-collection-2016-x64-torrent/”>Portable Recovery Software Collection 2016 .

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Microsoft Access 2013 torrent download

Oct.02, 2016
Microsoft Access 2013

Seeds 49 Peers 16

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Microsoft Access 2013 is a program for database management is a part of Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Access 2013 is a significant change. The biggest change is the ability to easily create a database associated with web applications and use them through SharePoint colleagues dostap.Tozi free trial versiyuperiodallow you to easily maintain a database for your business or project.

karakteristikiNaјgolemata new feature is the ability to create applications for access that is fully compatible with SharePoint. Microsoft Access2013s focus on these applications you can create katolesnoekran to meet usingtemplates. Internet access templates applications designed to interact with their colleagues and autonomous program for local databases danni.Sled selection of different templates you will need to select the type dannida monitor such yakkontakty or task. then the application will generate the database structure,navigation and command interface. If you are not satisfied with the data in the apartment can be arranged to add new types data.In focus approach netryabva several drawbacks for those looking for old tools database. Microsoft Access 2013 removed some search projects such as PivotTableand the PivotTable Wizard and Upsizing. It is possible that these functions are rarely used in the 2010 version, but Bibi better if Microsoft improve these instrumentyzamist they should be abandoned. You can use Microsoft Access 2013 to create a separate database and not from requests accessbut there praktichniupatstva and models for new users.

upotreblivostPristap2013s interface similar to the 2010 version, but onovlenyybilsh sleek look of Microsoft Office 2013. create entries or toolbar buttons or appropriate. Major media, search forms and return,along with new menus for quick access to various applications targeted SharePoint. The appearance of applications for access zalezhyttse definition will odberete.Nekoi are more suitable for displaying sheets or orders, but may be a poor choice for working with graphics and tables. All fields and interfacewill depend on the pattern izberete.Shte will need to spend time and try different templates to find someone Toyako actually corresponds proekta.V apartment suitable for sharing databases and applications from all business partners. To achieve this will bein constant contact with SkyDrive, weight for sharing and editing. Although this is helpful in a very stable network, can lead to problems if you ever deleted from the cloud to edit data oflaјn.Vie can work with local programs for offline accessmode, although it will tryabvada connect it to the cloud if you want to send and transmission cooperative kvartyru.Na Fortunately, Microsoft Access 2013 has many tools and instructions to easily import data from local applications, Access or Excel 2010 in the apartment of access to the Internet or base data.

qualityflat color coordinated to help outstanding main menus and messages. naybilshchastyna application access patterns to create elegant web application that looks mnoguslichen with Microsoft Access 2013 general works fast, even when dealing with very complex projects. Access prilozheniyazacooperation open standard web browser and features more brauzerivtaki as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Local access access additional features have similar appearance and, although it must be online to use it and edit it.

zakluchokAzhuriraњana Microsoft Access 2013 fineideal for connecting your business to a database related. 2013otstranuvanekoi functionality version of version 2010 and focused on SkyDrive and SharePoint integration. If you are ready to move forward and leave behind the old tools MicrosoftAccess 2013 is an excellent upgrade.

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Met Tristan Und Isolde Live 2016 720p Full Movie Download Torrent

Oct.01, 2016
Met Tristan Und Isolde Live 2016

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Met: Live in HD 2016-17 season begins on Saturday, October 8th for a new production of Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle at the first concert performed by the HD. Save Nina Stemme as Isolde role Touchstone singing with major opera houses around the world. Its Tristan Australian heroic tenor Stuart Skelton, who Siegmund in the ring cycle Mets in 2013. The cast also includes Ekaterina Gubanova as Brangne ​​and Evgeny Nikitin sang as Kurwenal (both with role debut) and Ren Pape repeated King Marke, whose role was sung in honor meeting the previous three seasons.

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Airport Madness 3D x64 x86 download torrent

Sep.30, 2016
Airport Madness 3D

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Title: Airport Madness 3D

Ghana: Adventure

Developer: Big Fat Simulations Inc.

Editor: Big Fat Simulations Inc.

Release Date: 25 May 2016

About game

seventh version of the Airport Madness gives players the game in 3 dimensions game from the perspective of the control tower. You get to sit in a swivel chair virtual, and the ability to move on the track and drag the mouse. Choose good weather or bad, adjust the height of the tower with their desires, then do your best to manage aircraft traffic in and out of airports in four different real world, with more on the way soon. Hear the voice of human trials as obey their commands. See how animated windsocks react to high winds. Scan your desktop radar for possible collisions.


Surface Radar display

Airborne radar screen

are experimental human

Qualities actual flights dead

bad weather optional

Three different views, including the eccentric pilot

Adjustable height of the tower

zoomable view

traffic patterns reversible

Several game modes

System Requirements


OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32/64 bits)

Processor: GHz

Memory: 512 MB RAM

DirectX: Version

Storage: 200 MB of available space

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Corel Painter 2017 download torrent

Sep.30, 2016
Corel Painter 2017

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DU Meter 6
com/coreldraw-graphics-suite-x8-download-torrent/”>CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

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Sony Vegas Pro 13 Download

Sep.29, 2016
Sony Vegas Pro 13

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From Dusk Till Dawn 20Th free movie download torrent

Sep.29, 2016
From Dusk Till Dawn 20Th

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20. From Dusk Till Dawn, in celebration of the year Professional Fathom Miramax back to select movie theaters nationwide for two days in a special case of the director Rodriguez QA lot of customization. Stress developers George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino star, not with the two brothers Gecko dangerous criminals on a wild crime spree! After kidnapping a father (Harvey Keitel) and his two sons, and hide thee in safety, and to the south of the Geckos head dolor sit amet, squatters. But when they shall see that the a cipher, the hostages were the work you are forced to go out alive!

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Naam Hai Akira 2016 Spanish HD Full Movie Torrent

Sep.28, 2016
Naam Hai Akira 2016

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Gripping action thriller about a college girl Akira, who grew identified with its own ambitions.
his life out of control when he becomes accidentally involved in the crime by four police corruption.


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