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Trailers 2017

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Disney-Pete’s Dragon

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Trailers 2016

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Trailers for a few new films!

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Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.

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Killing Them Softly

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The Family

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It’s pre-order time! Head over to iTunes now to pre-order ‎KickerTown before the Aug. 6 release.

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Kicker Town by Rusty Truck
Preview and download Kicker Town on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

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Emmy Nomination!

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Very happy to announce that Capture has been nominated for an Emmy.


CAPTURE w/ Mark Seliger YouTube
Kevin Law, Executive Producer

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GRANT LEE BUFFALO NEWS! I’m excited to announce that Grant Lee Buffalo have a new live album – Live At The Royal Festival Hall. After more than fifteen years apart, Singer-guitarist Grant Lee Phillips, bassist Paul Kimble, and myself have re-kindled the ferocious energy that brought us together so many years ago. Recorded live in London in 2011, this is the first full length live recording we’ve ever released. Jupiter & Teardrop, Bethlehem Steel, Lonestar Song and Fuzzy are among the nineteen songs captured on Live At The Royal Festival Hall. Best, Joey

Available as a digital download at a special full album price, you can hear it now at:

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Rusty Truck-Rolling Stone

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Mark Seliger usually spends his time behind the camera; through the years, he’s shot such iconic artists as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. However, Seliger also finds himself on the other side of the lens occasionally as the frontman of the country group Rusty Truck. Now you can hear the band’s new track, “Rattle Trucks,” in which Seliger drapes yearning, melancholy vocals over wandering slide guitars, reaching deep into country and western traditions.

“Rattle Trucks” is on Rusty Trucks’ forthcoming second album, Kicker Town, out June 18th on Crosseyed Music.

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Rusty Truck Capture the Essence of Rural Beauty

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Rusty Truck are a pleasing country band fronted by a guy who’s more used to being behind a camera than in front of a microphone. But oddly enough, Mark Seliger is still in the business of capturing vivid, thought-provoking images.

Formerly chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, Seliger has a lifetime of experience making celebrities like President Obama, Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan speak through a camera lens. With Rusty Truck, he records songs that paint pictures with sound.

On “Rattle Trucks,” the first single of the band’s second album, Kicker Town, Seliger colors a landscape with the dreamy wafting of acoustic instruments and rural images. Dust rises behind an old farm truck as it lumbers down a bumpy tractor path with golden fields of wheat flowing gently with the wind on either side. At least, that’s what I saw. See what takes shape for you with Rusty Truck’s “Rattle Trucks.”

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Capture Ep. 6

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Here is the newest Ep of Capture

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Capture Ep 4

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Victoria’s Secret VSX

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Here’s the latest Victoria’s Secret spot.

Victoria’s Secret VSX

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GLB Review

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Click here to read a great review of one of Grant Lee Buffalo’s recent shows at Largo, posted at Southland Serenade by Megan Breen.

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Song on Entourage

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Joey Peters and Jens Funke wrote a song that was used in the opening montage of Entourage Episode 67 “Drive.” The song plays at the beginning of the show as they recap the previous season.

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Croner Stone Cues CD

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Howling Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Eton Path from the Corner Stone Cues label to iTunes this February 26th. It took Howling 10 years to amass the talent and production team that combined to produce these masterworks.

Eton Path celebrates the work of artists Azam Ali, Dierdre Dubois, Damian Marley, Anna Phoebe, Riffat Salamat, London Studio Orchestra, and Purcell Singers. Together they performed music composed in a trailer dynamic that travelled from London to France, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Hollywood, and back to London.

Composers Dan Nielsen, Peter Scaturro, Buckethead & Brain, Daniel Heath, Jennifer Hammond, Joey Peters, Chris Tin, Mark Ford, and Stephen Metcalfe composed/arranged powerful anthems including a new version of the mighty Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

Eton Path was tracked and mixed at AIR Studios in London by “Lord Fader” Nick Wollage, Olga Fitzroy, Nick Cervonaro, and Sam Jones….with an assist on Church Bells by Richard Barrie. Rick Wentworth conducted the LSO. Isobel Griffiths and Lucy Whalley contracted the orchestra.

Eton Path was mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman and we feel his work was the final touch that put this release into the “THIS IS THE GREATEST RECORD EVER” category.


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