Josef Peters

Fear Itself – Sound Design

Jun.28, 2008

“Fear Itself” is a provocative, new 13-episode suspense and horror anthology series set to push the boundaries of this classic genre through a host of provocative talent, both in front of and behind the camera.

The series is produced by Lionsgate in association with IE Indy TV, and was created by Mick Garris.

Josef recently did Sound Design for “Fear Itself”. Visit the video page to watch the clip.

Find out more info about “Fear Itself” here:


Rusty Truck Opening for Jakob Dylan & The Gold Mountain Rebels

Jun.09, 2008

For one night only, Tuesday June 10th @ The Blender Theatre at Gramercy in New York City.

Doors: 8:00pm
Rusty Truck: 9:00pm
Jakob Dylan and the Gold Mountain Rebles: 10:00pm

Show is almost sold out!!

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New Music on the California Report

Apr.04, 2008

LA composers Joey Peters and Willie Aron teammed up to develop a new sound for The California Report, a daily radio news show and weekly magazine.

Credits for Joey and Willie’s previous collaborations include TV shows like the HBO series “Rome”, Showtime’s “Freshman Diaries”, and the film, “The Confession.”



Croner Stone Cues CD

Feb.18, 2008

Howling Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Eton Path from the Corner Stone Cues label to iTunes this February 26th. It took Howling 10 years to amass the talent and production team that combined to produce these masterworks.

Eton Path celebrates the work of artists Azam Ali, Dierdre Dubois, Damian Marley, Anna Phoebe, Riffat Salamat, London Studio Orchestra, and Purcell Singers. Together they performed music composed in a trailer dynamic that travelled from London to France, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Hollywood, and back to London.

Composers Dan Nielsen, Peter Scaturro, Buckethead & Brain, Daniel Heath, Jennifer Hammond, Joey Peters, Chris Tin, Mark Ford, and Stephen Metcalfe composed/arranged powerful anthems including a new version of the mighty Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

Eton Path was tracked and mixed at AIR Studios in London by “Lord Fader” Nick Wollage, Olga Fitzroy, Nick Cervonaro, and Sam Jones….with an assist on Church Bells by Richard Barrie. Rick Wentworth conducted the LSO. Isobel Griffiths and Lucy Whalley contracted the orchestra.

Eton Path was mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman and we feel his work was the final touch that put this release into the “THIS IS THE GREATEST RECORD EVER” category.



Joey Peters on LOST Finale Promo

Apr.18, 2007

El Morro, was released today to iTunes and the LOST Finale TV Promo

Here’s a link to a LOST Fan Site to view the LOST Finale TV Promo. You will hear William Rivera’s Singers recorded at Bellas Artes de Caguas belting it out over percussion recorded at Alfa Studios. The cue is Joey Peter’s, “Fire”.

Follow the link and check the third box down on the right to view the correct Promo.


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